Our Lessons

Students gather for 1 to 2-hour lessons once a week. We offer 2 levels of Travelers’ Course and 10 levels of Spanish from Beginner to Advanced.

Each lesson is facilitated by a native trained Spanish speaker instructor and includes activities objectively planned to achieve oral and written comprehension & expression, interaction exchange and linguistic mediation.

Each Lesson INCLUDES:

  • Introducing new grammar and vocabulary.

  • Reviewing homework and assessing knowledge from the previous lesson.

  • Practicing pronunciation by using the vocabulary learned, and finding similarities with the English language.

  • Written and oral exercises (audio-visual resources, dictations, conversations, role-play etc.) to assist memorizing and applying the concepts.

  • Reading short text-based, cultural stories, paragraphs etc., correcting pronunciation, identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives and conjunctions, increasing level of comprehension.

  • Promoting conversational time right from the start to build student’s confidence in using the language and increasing their listening skills.

  • Evaluating students’ progress every 6 weeks.